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Fire & Allied Perils Insurance

This insurance covers buildings and physical property (factory, shop, warehouse, clinic ..... etc.) against the dangers of fire and lightning which includes damage or loss resulting from the actual ignition accompanied by flame and fire, and you can add the following hazards:

- Theft by fracture or dislocation.
- Fire caused by electrical contact.
- Smoke damage caused by the fire.
- Riots, strikes and unrest.
- Intentional harm subsequent riots, strikes and unrest.
- Earthquakes and tremors.
- Storms, cyclones and floods.
- Rainwater damage.
- Explosion.
- Anfsar water pipes and water reservoirs rash.
- Rammed vehicles.
- The fall of the aircraft or a parts air navigation.
- Expenses of engineers and experts as a result of an accident covered by insurance.
- Breaking the glass facades result of an accident covered by insurance.
- Remove debris as a result of an accident covered by insurance.
- Loss of profits as a result of unemployment due to an accident covered by insurance and the value of specific month.
- The responsibility of the insured towards third party (neighborhood, the owner of the building, etc.) for the material damage caused by a fire accident covered by insurance.

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