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Group health insurance

Group medical insurance

National insurance company has established group medical insurance programs for companies and institutions and includes the following benefits :

  • In-patient benefits :

For covered cases that requires admission or one day treatment or emergency treatment and all medical expenses during the patient stay:

-          Room stay as per the insured class mentioned on his medical ID

-          ICU, surgeon fees , anesthesia fees

-          Hospital services ( lab tests, x-ray , operation room , ECG, EKG , medicines …….)

-          Consultations during the stay

-          Ambulance


  • Outpatient benefits  :

-          Doctor visit

-          Diagnostic tests : prescribed by a specialist and include (X-ray , scan , MRI, ultrasound, lab tests)

-          Medicines: covered medicines prescribed by a specialist and registered at the Syrian ministry of health.

-          Physiotherapy : due to an accident or a covered surgery

-          Maternity: pregnancy and delivery medical expenses

-          Optic  and dental care benefits .

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