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Board of Directors

Vice Chairman: Mr. Dr. Walid Wael Zourob - Representative of the Jordanian French Insurance Company

Member: Syrian Lybian Co. for Investments Mr. Abdul Razzaq Khalifa

Member: Mr. Ahmed Rahif Al-Atasi

Member: Al-Oula and Al-Marwa for trading company represented by Mr.Ghassan Alali & Mr. Samer Fouad Bakdash & Mr. Mohammad zewar Teba

General Manager

Mr. Tamer Daghestani

The number of workers in the Syrian National Insurance Company is about 180 employees scattered in the branches of the company in the Syrian governorates, where the company is keen to recruit qualified personnel and benefit from their experience, development and training so as to ensure providing the best insurance services with efficiency and speed of replay where is appended to the staff training courses on an ongoing basis, whether in areas of insurance, or in other areas such as marketing and customer service is the most important certificates of insurance carried by many of our certificate of BIBF Bahrain Institute of banking Diploma and health insurance and life LOMA.

Company is committed to follow-up everyday things of the contracts with its customers and claims made by the insured (individuals or companies) through the team trained and qualified with especial experiences.

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