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Syrian National Insurance Company is a shareholding company established under the decision of the Prime Minister No. /9/ Date 6/2/2006, with a paid up capital of 850 million SP.

After its founding the company has been able to proceed quickly towards leadership and concrete steps and study conscious which enabled it to acquire the title of the first company ranked by Insurance Supervisory Commission which depended on the size of production and market share for the year 2007, the company worked hardly to keep on this title, and a deliberate strategy adopted the following steps:


2007 - 2008 was the establishment phase and proliferation of the opening of branches, one after the other to be the only insurance company that has branches in all the Syrian governorates.


2009 the company moved to supplement its staff and technical support and raise the efficiency of its operating resources as it had 180 employees.


2010 was a year of entering the company and stock market after it was able to double its capital and achieve excellent rate premiums over the past years.


2011 - 2012 years by the commitment to its mission and objective terms imposed its presence in the Syrian insurance market raised through a range of programs and features.

2013 NIC devoted its presence and occupied the first rank among all local insurance companies. The focus was on improving the quality of services provided to customers, especially in the payment period of outstanding claims of those affected. And have been developed technical and administrative staff according to the company's aspirations and future plans which reflected positively on the company's reputation in the insurance market. 

2018 Increase the The authorized capital of the company to 1,360,000,000 billion and three hundred and sixty million Syrian pounds, and the number of shares to become 13,600,000 shares

2019 Increase the The authorized capital of the company to 1,500,000,000 billion and five hundred million Syrian pounds, and the number of shares to become 15,000,000 shares

The company got the confidence of the largest global reinsurance, which enabled it to maintain most of their own repatriation agreements,

Thus the company has earn the trust of the most important customers, whether they are individuals or Groups through its services and highly credible in the work.


Numbers & Dates:

Establishment Date
Initiation Date 06-08-2006  
CR Date 18-06-2006  
SCFMS Date 02-06-2010  
The authorized capital 1,500,000,000 S.P  
Paid-up capital 1,500,000,000 S.P  
Shares 15,000,000  



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